About Us

Neal Training Limited is a family operated training company with over 20 years experience operating and managing health clubs and training facilities, as well as providing consultancy and training for business. Neal Training was founded by John Neal, currently the Head of Coach Development at England Cricket. John has worked throughout the world with organisations as diverse as Hult International Business School, Coca-Cola and the NHS as well as coaching elite level sport as a performance coach with Wales Rugby and as a fitness coach with West Indies Cricket, in addition to a large number of professional teams across several sports.

John founded the company based upon his initial qualification in physiology, before developing his knowledge through studying sports psychology to create his Mind, Body Spirit approach which features in all his work. John is best known for his work on psycho-physiology, looking at the way in which the mind and body work together. This is especially relevant to when a person is under pressure so that they can stay resilient and make excellent decisions in stressful situations.

We are excited to offer a revolutionary new technology used to physiologically assess this relationship between mind and body called Heart Rate Variance (HRV) analysis. HRV analysis allows us to understand how the brain and the body responds to stress, rest, pressure and exercise.

For more information on how HRV analysis can benefit you or your organisation, please click here.

In addition to this we have a wide range of former marketing and corporate partners:

  • Galliford Try
  • Henley Management College
  • Associated Newspapers
  • Biffa Waste Management

If you would like more information on services we can provide in managing, developing or consulting for a health club both private and corporate please visit our contact page here.